SKINNERS launch!

Hello again, horror fans!

As promised, SKINNERS is launching soon. Today, in fact!

Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download it for free. For everyone else, the ebook can be purchased for $2.99. Thanks so much for your support, I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Below is a short blurb to see if it tickles your fancy. If it does, just click on the book cover to go to the Amazon page.

Thanks again,


For amateur thief, Steve Finney, the convenience store in the small town of Kibner, Georgia promises to be another simple holdup job. And on the night of the stickup, things seem to be moving along just as planned.

Until a blood-soaked woman shambles into the store, interrupting the robbery.

With his getaway driver and only friend in the world, Lisa, waiting outside, Steve’s first concern is to flee the scene before the police and paramedics arrive. But when the nightmarish creatures responsible for the woman’s condition also make an appearance – trapping Steve in the store with a handful of strangers – the authorities are the least of his worries.

Cut off from his friend, Steve must fight his way through a legion of deadly flesh-eating horrors; monsters that some survivors insist have come from the stars.

Now, Steve’s only concern is escaping Kibner …

With his skin intact.

From the author of The Prison Farm, comes this thrilling tribute to such films as: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Night of the Creeps, and The Thing.

SKINNERS is a 23,000 word novella of alien horror.