Quick Update

I hope everybody is having a wonderful new year. I just wanted to post an update on my books and a loose schedule on when they’ll be available( very loose).

I’ve finished the cover for my short story, THE PRISON FARM, which you can view here. I’ve formatted it, and my sci-fi/horror novella SKINNERS, into all ebook formats using Vellum( it’s an amazing app!). I still need to decide on covers for SKINNERS, and my first novel, AWAKENED. I’m hoping to find a professional editor for all three books before release, but money is tight. On that note, would anybody like to be a beta-reader for any of these titles? I could sure use the help. Hit me up on my contacts page if you’re interested.

If all goes well, the short story will be ready in a couple months, available for free to anyone that signs up for my mailing list. Then I’ll launch the novel once the list reaches a healthy size.